Coffee drinks

4cl 106 kr | 6cl 146 kr

Leonard Sachs
Grand marnier, kaluha, coffee, cream

Kaffe Karlsson
Baileys, cointreau, coffee, cream

Irish coffee
Whisky, brown sugar, coffee, cream

Mexican coffee
Tequila, kaluha, coffee, cream

Calypso coffee
Dark rum, kaluha, coffee, cream

Café D.O.M
D.O.M Bénédictine, coffee, cream

La Scala coffee
Brandy, licor 43, coffee, cream

Italian coffee
Galliano, coffee, cream

Plantation Grande Reserve 21 kr/cl
Blended Barbados rum with sweet notes

Plantation Jamaica 28 kr/cl
Aged for 11 years with a smokey touch

Plantation Panama 28 kr/cl
Spicy rum with vanilla and cinnamon

Plantation Trinidad 28 kr/cl
Notes of raisins and nuts

Plantation St Lucia 28 kr/cl
Robust and smokey

Plantation 20th Anniversary 36 kr/cl
A wellbalanced rum with fruity notes